AuthorTopic: New Triannual Game Design Competition Has Begun  (Read 6316 times)

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Re: New Triannual Game Design Competition Has Begun

Reply #10 on: January 10, 2007, 05:48:30 pm
Quote from: Panda
Well, while I think the set resolution is a tad big, there should be no reason for people to be whining about it and indirectly trying to convince for a change.
If you dont like the rules and guidelines of it, simply don't participate. Just as easy as that.
So, enough comments about the size.

But good luck to whoever is taking part in it.
Pandas' right. The restrictions must stay as they are. (I'm sure those that have already started would be very angry knowing that their game is void because of a restriction change.)
Quote from: Feron
Who said we were whining / wanting a change.  I was merely giving my opinion to perhaps help him get more interest.

Besides, im no coder and wouldnt be able to participate anyway  :'(
You don't necessarily have to be a coder to make a game. You may need to know what questions to ask, but there are communities around that can help. If you can articulate your idea well, the actual coding would be you just implementing it into your game. Adventure Game Studio, Multimedia Fusion, The Games Factory, Click-n-Create, Klick & Play, Game Maker, SCI Studio, RPG Maker, Flash... are some very awsome authoring packages that you don't need a lot of knowledge to make something simple with. Here is a link to my downloads area if you don't have the necessary apps to make a game: Click Here