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Grand Scheme Games Seeking Pixel Artists

on: November 14, 2018, 06:44:54 pm

I'm twill14 here representing Grand Scheme Games

We're a small but passionate team composed of a:

- Designer
- Musician
- Programmer
- Sound FX Designer
- Concept Artist
- Accountant

Though we're not perfect, we really pride ourselves on our organizational skills and love towards the way games can positively impact people's lives.

​Currently we are creating a wonderful RPG called Immortal Doctrine and are looking for some pixel artists to join our cause.​

At present we are looking for an environmental pixel artist who can help bring the land of Frayla to life and a character artist who can fill that world with amazing people, mystical creatures, and possibly even cool mystical powers!

The game's concept and execution is truly unique, but it does take some visual and experiential inspiration from games like Secret of Mana, Star Ocean, Chrono Trigger and 2D Zelda games.

On the Character art perspective game's art style is quite set and so we'd need to have the style be consistent.

On the other hand, Environment art, though we have it, is certainly flexible for alteration as long as it fits the character art style.

To learn more about us please visit our website at:

We have a discord server that we use to facilitate communication and would love to send you an invite to chat to see if we're a good fit.

For those interested in our short/mid/long term plans please feel free to reach out, but to give some idea, we're in the process of revamping the original demo made for the game and afterwards will either look towards seeing funding from a non-shady publisher, kickstarter, or if all else fails. by our own means.

​If this sounds cool to you please feel free to reach me at: twill14@gmail[dot]com.



Grand Scheme Games