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Hello!  ;D

I hope things have been OK for you. I'm available for freelance pixel art work.

What I've done recently:
- Alchemist's Tower is now Plague Breaker, and I've been doing more work for this project. Check it out by joining WozzyGames's Discord! PM me if the invite expires.

-Made these mockups for Skeddles's 9999 challenge:

Sprite animations here

-Contributed these sprites to the latest Pokémon Sprite Collab:

-Dabbled in C64 graphics with Ptoing's blessing:

Multicolor mode

Hi Res mode

PETSCII (text mode)

More on my profile page.

Feel free to contact me via email for any inquiries, I'll be looking forward to hearing about your projects.

Best regards,


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Check out my portfolio if you are looking for a pixel artist!