AuthorTopic: Looking for pixel artist for an game about Lucid dreams  (Read 701 times)

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Type of game:

- 2D Pixel Adventure game

Story (All I can say):

-The story is based on around the guy that is creating machine that increases Lucid dreaming. While building it he is testing it on himself which leads to dreams about someone very dear to him, just a bit twisted. Game will have multiple options dialog which will lead to different endings. The action is happening in real world and lucid dream world.

What we need the most:


About the team: There are 4 of us atm in the team. I am working in software development company. I (Mirko) am making MES (Manufacture enterprise) solution for big companies suck as Samsung, Impol, Uddeholm, BGI etc... I am taking role of main developer in this mission.... I am also certificated Microsoft C# programmer (MCP). Our project manager and idea maker is Josip, he won first prize in national space project (he launched satellite in the space to prove his theory why Applo 13 oxygen tanks exploded), Jurica is our designer he is working on front end in american company that is somewhat like couch surfing just for families. Jacob is our sound designer (

What have we done till now:

Whole back end for game is almost done.

What we use:

Unity -> C#, XML, JSON

What we expect:

Designer  -> Help our current designer to speed up the process a bit
Level designer -> We expect to know how to use unity (how to put objects on scene pretty much) and have some imagination (we supply whole design you just need to make levels using schemes we provide you with).

Speak English or Croatia language (we use English only on discord).

After demo ( end of September) we will write contracts where we define % you will have off the game, signed and verified at bilingual office.

If you wish to apply send us your experience or motivation to Reddit inbox or on mail . also you can get me on discord Mirko8Sigma#4814

I am busy so it will take time to response sometimes. But you will get your response for sure. Also if we get too much applies we will pick the one that we think will fit the team the best so please don't get mad and insult us (talking from experience).

This is not for public usually but because we need someone fast I am posting my private videos of the game with the preview of the same mechanics and other things (no design or anything else after all some privacy needed to be protected) :

Kind regards,