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Advice on simple project

on: July 18, 2018, 04:10:29 pm
Heya. This is my first real pixel art project and I would love to hear any and all critique about it. I am aware that the styles are a bit all over the place and that just can be attributed to the fact that I was trying out a bunch of different styles. That being said, I will still accept criticism about how I should work to make them all mesh together to form a more cohesive project.

A few notable points of interest for me at least are the balloon, the hat, and the outlines.

I wasn't quite sure how to work with the balloon so I just dithered it into a few different color groups.
The hat kinda just looks very samey and doesn't quite have the contrast I was looking for. However, trying to work with value and colors has just yielded awkward results. So I would love some advice on color choices
The black outlines I am aware are not really best practice and I would like some advice on how I should set them all up and choose colors for them without making things have no contrast with the background.

Also to note there are color palettes for each part to the left of the object.

The entire image

The balloon without the hat

Because I forgot to put this in the first time
at 100% zoom
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Re: Advice on simple project

Reply #1 on: July 19, 2018, 08:53:00 pm
This looks good for your first project. But, you have a strong dark outline on the balloon and the mushroom, which seems to be missing in the hat. Also, the mushroom seems to be one pixel too wide on the right side. (I'm unsure if that was intentional.) other than that I think it's alright. :y:

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Re: Advice on simple project

Reply #2 on: July 27, 2018, 09:22:17 pm
Hi Pangolin!

I just want to talk about your balloon.
Balloons are typically very glossy.
This means you can see many reflections in the balloon. For example, you might see some green from the mushroom in the reflection.
When you dither it, however, it makes the surface seem more like a cloth. Very soft, and more of a matte finish.
So I would ditch the dithering.

Here's kinda what I mean in a messy way:

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