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Re: Boss Sprite WIP

Reply #30 on: January 15, 2007, 12:37:33 am
Very cool Ben: The freakin bone plates I insisted on so much are looking great, I just made a few clumsy strokes to illustrate my idea on them and wasnt really satisfied with how it came out. But you got exactly where I was going with that and made what I really intented to do, kickass. it might be a tiny simple but showing a complex idea with simple means is the hardest thing I know.

Sharpm:Tutorial? uhm I guess I'll think about it

BEN: You have done the Bone plates and shoulder pads justice but I think you missed the point of my edit, I'm glad you like the way I DETAIL the textures, but I was more concerned about the volume...I guess I lost track of that in my edit.

this is the change that I care about in what I did with my edit, I wasnt thinking so much of the texture of details as I was thinking of the VOLUME

here's how I see BIG vs TINY sprites.

Sprites are about their shape and their VOLUME the DETAIL is there as a nice extra,  thing is the bigger the sprite, the more work it gets to take the DETAIL to an acceptable level.

Your tiny sprites look good becaue they have the right priorities, but your big sprites gave more importance to DETAIL than to VOLUME, which makes sense because big sprites do require more detail, but you should never never lose sight of the volume. See how light was kinda all over the place in yours? I tried to focus it and make it bring out the basic shapes (sphere, cylinder, cone) of the Boss.

you kinda imitated the way I DETAIL things but I dont think really got where I was going with the VOLUME

you did a low color version of my speculars, fair enough considering you have to animate.

the brain though, you just upped it's contrast. that made the details SCREAM at you, and practically muted it's VOLUME, what I was suggesting was toning down the DETAILS and upping the VOLUME a lot.

what am I telling you to do with all this, I dont know really, just wanted you to understand where I was going.
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Re: Boss Sprite WIP

Reply #31 on: January 15, 2007, 12:48:50 am
Oh, wow, Conceit. That explained alot. I know it wasn't towards my art, but thanks, as I'm sure it'll help alot later.

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Re: Boss Sprite WIP

Reply #32 on: January 19, 2007, 05:48:44 am
Your colour choice could still use a bit of tweeking. Red fur would complement the green of your armor and brain vat more than the brown does now. It'd have a unifying effect on the palette, too.

I also think you might be overdoing the AA on parts of the metal. The AA is dulling the shine and you're losing the metallic effect(to name a few places: fingers, the elbow joint, shoulder pad and body(below shoulder pad, to left of arm)).  I think in this case harsh edges, shorter buffers/gradiants, with careful pixel placement would have a more pleasing result. Be bolder with your speculars.

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Re: Boss Sprite WIP

Reply #33 on: January 19, 2007, 05:56:38 am
Excellent critique, Conceit.