AuthorTopic: Still looking for pixel artists :D  (Read 1129 times)

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Still looking for pixel artists :D

on: May 30, 2018, 01:23:06 pm
Hey there,

if you are interested in working with me and my few friends on a game we are currently developing, you are free to tag along. About us: we are all developers from same collage and we all work for unity game development companies. I am specified in AI, UI, State machines, Spells, Data, Security, and SOLID/Dependency injection design patterns. I am also certificated Microsoft programmer in c# and i got title of MCP. BA. ING. . 2nd friend is also unity game development that developed levels/puzzles/design for FaraAway game ( ->you can check it out on app store), he worked for Pine studio after me . He is specializes in puzzle mechanics, modeling in blender and other interesting things. 3th one is working in Ericson and hes creating VR simulations in unity. (

What are we looking for: We are looking for a pixel artists.

What is the game style : Its a platformer.

Skill requirement: If you want to work/learn (we accept everyone from beginner to expert) you are more than welcome, we are all willing to help (we offer Pluralsight lessons for .net, javascript and unity).

Game story: For now think of it like some kind of Indiana Jones style game (exploring, brainstorming, fighting, free running etc...)

What we done so far (last 48 hours):

Almost whole base of the game is done and that includes:

-Dialog boxes


-Player movement

-Player interactions

-Data controll




-We want to keep it simple.

First documented video of game test on 28/5/2018:
Todays documented video (without all branches merged): 30/5/2018

Also we keep the code clean, documented and simple:

Don't be afraid to come and say hi, we don't bite.
Have a nice day.