AuthorTopic: Looking for Artists for a Large GZDoom Partial-Conversion Project  (Read 1021 times)

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Hi, I am XLightningStormL the lead developer of a heavy WIP GZDoom Modification remaking (and expanding upon) the story, concept, and settings of the original DooM game (not Ultimate Doom, made using DooM II.

For information on the project itself go here:
ZDoom Forums:

  • Work must fit the style-of the original (first two games, DooM, and DooM II, + Final Doom, thus be high enough-quality
  • Flexible Timezone Schedules, i.e must be fine working with someone who is in the butt-end of the world, Australia, as well within you're own time schedules (work/school/sleep/etc)
  • Creating entirely new sprites, and/or rotationed + animated sprites is not the focus
  • Must have Discord
  • Must have Example work to show (link it in your comment/email/message/etc)

Further "what do I do's?" and etcetera will come as concepts get added.

Since payment isn't an option, here is what you'll get instead.
- You become a team member (naturally) and get the playtester tag on the Discord (but whether or not you want to play it is up to you) aswell you can
- You get a spiffy iD-esque credits name (de la classic dooms) aswell as the credits in general, aswell as an ENDOOM name section.
- Naturally if you don't do it already, a bridge to ZDoom Forums, and Doomworld Forums, filled with people that would be happy to have some newbies helping them out with their projects.

If you are interested just send me an email, comment below (or in the posted forum threads) alternatively join the discord here, and shoot a message into the #rn-general channel:

Looking forward to meeting you :D ;)

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