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[Paid] Pixel/VFX Artist Wanted

on: November 23, 2017, 12:09:14 am
Hello, all. Not sure if anyone remember me, but I'm back again to hopefully locate a few more artists to help bring my vision to life. The objective for today is simple - I'm seeking a skilled Pixel Artist along with a skilled Visual Effect Artist. The needs will be listed as below.

Sprite Animations

In laymen terms, I'm looking to expand my Character Sprite(s) animations. So far, I have two different sprites - male and female. Each with walking, swimming, cooking, and mining animations set. What I'm looking to add are a few attacking animations [I.E. Sword Strikes, Punching, Casting Spells], and a few other animations that needn't be mentioned.

For this objective, all you'll need to be able to do is mimic the pixel art style that all of my character/NPC sprites currently use. And of course, you'll need to be able to adequately present the illusion of motion, or animation.

For the most part, I plan for each animation to be at least 3 frames [per direction], although we can go for a higher quantity if need be.

Sprite Overlays

I'm also looking for someone that can design clothing and/or accessories to beautify the default character base. The animations are already set, so that'd eliminate a large majority of your workload, given that you'd simply have to draw the outfit over Character Base.

My needs may also include weaponry.

Image Reference:

Visual Effects

Finally, I need a competent visual effect artist. I think for my project, mystical or spiritual attacks - like a basic Fireball spell - would look splendid if they were drawn up using other digital art techniques. What I mean by this is that they shouldn't be pixelated, or be 'pixel art' in the traditional sense. Moreover, the special effects should be drafted using digital art techniques to ensure that there the edges are anti-aliased, making the sprite look smooth/detailed.

From most preferred to least.


All payment will be via Paypal. The amount will preferably be commission based, as opposed to per hour. Rate will be negotiable.
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Re: [Paid] Pixel/VFX Artist Wanted

Reply #1 on: November 23, 2017, 06:17:37 pm
Added con discord!

Want to hire me? To contact me just send a message with the tag [JOB] to my Email, my Pixelation account or add me on Discord
Discord: MaxCreed #1571