AuthorTopic: Need Artists For A Turn-Based RPG Serious Project  (Read 1371 times)

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Need Artists For A Turn-Based RPG Serious Project

on: September 21, 2017, 06:57:23 am
Thank you for clicking on my blog entry.

My name is Jazz Stewart and I am the sole game developer at Nobodies Heart. A virtual indie game dev studio that specializes in crafting short yet memorable experiences.

I am currently working on my debut game, “When The Flower Wilts,”(WTFW) is an adventure RPG made in RPG MAKER MV.

No moment shall lack significance.

Other RPG MAKER games lack variety in terms of the types of experiences it brings to the table. WTFW takes inspiration from rogue-likes and other RPGS in order to bring a fun filled meaningful experience to a broad audience.

The game will be fully voice acted and feature a completely original soundtrack.

This game is a very ambitious project but something that sets it apart from most indie games in its genre
is that it has potential.

Here is the trailer so you can get an idea of exactly what the game looks like at this moment.

As you can tell the game is coming along quite nicely but something that holds it back from its full potential is the default looking sprites and art direction of the characters. I come to you guys in search of people who can help bring this vision to life and who are willing to work with me to maximize this game's success.

I would love to work with you guys and if you would like to be signed on as a member of Nobodies Heart that would be even better!

Right now, we're looking for any form of art so do not feel discouraged send me an email @

Or you can contact me on discord @ JAZZ#3721

Either will do.

Unfortunately, I cannot pay you at the moment but I assure you payment will come.

Again thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you.