AuthorTopic: Pixel Art Tutorial vor 2.5D SNES top down style (Secret of Mana, Cross Code) ?  (Read 1430 times)

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Hey Guys,
I'm trying to build a half top down RPG.
Examples would be Secret of Mana, Cross Code.

I bought a udemy course from Benjamin Anderson and learned a lot in it! I have 0 problems painting things in a frontal or side view etc. . So rotating a character horizontally is no problem for me.

But in order to achieve a half top down view ( maybe 30 angle ) I have to draw characters from horizontal rotated top down.
I really have problems with that.

The pink one is the original, recoloring is no big problem.

When I start to try it myself, I got huge problems with colors and shadowing.
I think my biggest problem is to find the right colors, especially in areas where I'm not sure to outline or to use a shadow.
Also I'm never really sure what will or will not overlap ( face/hood ) and where to out line to make it worl

Does anybody know a good tutorial for this special case ?
 - horizontal rotation
 - Outlined
 - SNES like

Hope you can help me ^^

Cheers mates!

hmm, not happy but v2 of Valeera :D

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