AuthorTopic: Need a 2D game artist and sound artist to work on real-time multiplayer game  (Read 1020 times)

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I am looking for sound and game artists for a real-time multiplayer game we are developing. We have successfully prototyped it with the delay between 0 to a few milliseconds. We have handled the network failures successfully as well. Except for Clash Royale, I have not heard of any successful internet-based real-time multiplayer game. So this kind of game has really pretty good chances of success.  I am attaching youtube video links of our prototype. I would be happy to add people to my alpha testers list if they are willing to associate with the development.

Here is the concept of the game: Screen is divided into 2 halves horizontally. Right one is yours and left one is of your opponent. Bugs are coming out from the middle of the screen and goings towards the edge, to eat the food (sticks and leaves). You have to use all the card options you have ( fire, gum, trap, spring, hose, pipes, wall etc..) to kill the bug and save the food. First one to end up with the empty plate will lose.

I am looking for partnership type collaboration at this point of time. Since it is a real-time multiplayer, it needs a relatively high volume of users to sustain online. And, to reach up to that level will take some time. I am targeting at least 6 months of more efforts before it can hit some revenue. So please keep that in mind if you would like to work on it.