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Hello all, Grand Scheme Games here again!

We figured that it would be best to have a separate board for environment art needs as well to help make things a bit organized for us and potentially interested people.

Currently we are also looking for a pixel artist who can create some environments for the Demo of our RPG Immortal Doctrine.

The style that we're looking for is 16bit style, Top Down and reminiscent of Secret of Mana (in which the game is influenced)

The demo will feature 8 main locations broken down into about 12 unique locations. Each of which each will vary by complexity and size.

We will have references available in detail if requested (sent by email).

We are trying to carefully budget costs for the game so  that we can afford the assets needed for the demo and then seek additional funding if the game becomes popular through an aggressive marketing campaign.

Based on this, we have about a $4000 total dollar budget limit for the environment in the project and would would hope to have everything complete in about 4 - 6 months time if possible, but are okay with extending it out if need be.

Just as our needs with character art, we can try to negotiate costs if need be, including alternative payment structures and the amount, but we hope to just get what we need to make the game look nice enough to get people interested and secure additional future funding.

We hope to eventually develop a long term working relationship in the future.

We have documentation details regarding the total implementation, but to give you an idea we would need the following:

Town - Faraway

     Sub Location: Player Home
             Sub-sub locations: Home Entrance, First Floor, Second Floor

     Sub Location: Main Town
     Sub Location: Cathedral of Herezal
             Sub-sub locations: Entrance, Main Hall, Herezal's Domain   

     Sub Location: HOF Guild
            Sub-sub locations: Entrance, Training Dungeon Path, Training Dungeon End

     Sub Location: Festival Of Heroes Festival Location

Town - HighPeak
         Sub location: Main

         Sub location: Castle HighPeak
                        Sub-sub location: Main Hall, Audience Chamber

Town - Lumina
              Sub location: Lumina Main

              Sub location: Lumina Estate
                    Sub-sub locations: Lumina estate gated entrance, lobby, Main hall, kitchen, stage room, interview room

Dungeon- Pantheon of Time
               Sub locations: Pantheon of Time Entrance, Floors 1 - 5, Boss Room, Treasure room

Dungeon - Lover's Path
            Sub locations: Dungeon Entrance, floors 1 - 4, Boss room, treasure room

Special Area -  Faraway Field
         Sub location: Main Field

Special Area -  Highpeak Hill
         Sub location: Main Field

Special Area -  Lumina Forest
         Sub location: Main Field

This list is a pretty accurate representation of our needs but is still, of course, subject to some changes.

Based on some requests we also wanted to mention some information about our strategy:

           We are interested in having tilesets as one option, but we are also interested in a hand drawn style (like the one used in           Hyper Light Drifter) where it looks like pixel art, but it's not.

           We'd also prefer if the artist could aid us in map creation. But we understand if that isn't possible given our budget constraints.

In general, we'd like to discuss multiple different options we would have in regards to how we could approach art for the game and make a decision after discussing the pros and cons of each approach.

For more information about our team and the game, please feel free to visit our website at:

We look forward to working with someone to help us bring this idea to life!

Thank you for your time!


Thomas Williams
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Re: Looking for Artist/Animator for Environment Pixel Art

Reply #1 on: March 17, 2017, 08:06:14 pm
Are you seeking someone to put together the levels, or just create the tiles? The list of locations makes it sound like you're looking for entire locations rather than just tilesets.

I don't have appropriate previous work to send as a portfolio so I don't feel confident applying for this position. However, I would love to try my hand at creating tiles based on someone else's specs; I've been itching to do a SoM-ish tileset. Is your detailed documentation available anywhere public? If so, I'd like to try creating some tiles based on it, on my own unpaid time. And if you guys are still hiring by the time I find said time, maybe it could serve as my portfolio.

Also, what a well-done job posting post! Aside from my first question above, it's clear and gives a good sense of the amount of work to do, payment, etc. It's so rare to see good posts like this.