AuthorTopic: [REV-SHARE] Need artist for a Doom-like retro shooter  (Read 1248 times)

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Hi guys! I'm currently working on a retro styled first person shooter, similar in gameplay to Doom or Wolfenstein 3D, and I'm looking for an artist to help work on it.

The plot is about a deadly virus spreading all over the world, and scientists are running out of time to find a cure, so they start grafting brains inside robotic bodies to preserve them until it's found. Only, the grafting process doesn't seem to work and the brain keeps rejecting the mechanic body. As a top scientist, you find what you believe to be the solution to the brain rejection, and so you volunteer to have your brain transfered. When you wake up however, you find yourself in a robotic body, but the lab seems abandoned and thrashed up. You quickly find it inhabited by zombie-like creatures and have to fight your way through while trying to figure out what happened.

The engine is coming along nicely, but I'm still looking for a pixel artist to make some original content for the game. I plan on selling the game once it's done, distributing it on and Steam. You would work with me on equal grounds, meaning I would not boss you around and you'll always have your say on everything relating to the development of the game. Revenues will be shared equally between the members of the team. We'll have me, you, a marketing expert and a sound engineer, so everyone will receive 25% of the net revenues.

Here is a video of the engine in its current state. This video was shot to demonstrate fireballs and splash damage.

You can also check out my Twitter account, where I post most of my stuff;

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Feel free to PM me or comment if you have any questions.