AuthorTopic: Having the right amount of contrast; not too much or too little?  (Read 1724 times)

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So I was creating a pixel art (I'm a beginner to pixel art and have no background in art or any art training) and it seems I've noticed having too much contrast is as bad as having too little. Having too little I know doesn't give enough depth for the picture. But it seems having too much has a problem too (maybe it's the same problem) as I've felt my picture was too different and thus I couldn't relate that color to the color I'm contrasting it with. I was creating a cape where it should be contrasted with a cape that is inside and thus is blocked light. I will post my pixel art for critique soon too.

I was making a pixel art based on this caped anime character guy (this is not a pixel art): See this real image has inside of a cape darker and in contrast to the outside of the cape which is lighter.

So do you need a just right amount of contrast, neither too little or too much?