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[Rev-share]Last stretch to finish

on: May 30, 2018, 04:27:09 pm
Hello Everyone,

my name is Anders and I'm the producer and CEO at We are currently working on a title called Gift of Parthax and we are in a need of an artist that can help us.

Currently the team setup:
3 programmer
1 sound designer
3 artist
1 intern

Game summary of Gift of Parthax

“Gift of Parthax” is a 2D top-down (isometric view) arena fighter for PC, MAC and XBOX.
The world surrounding the player is presented through a dark, magical art style. You will be
playing as the protagonist “Arif”, which is the main character of the game. Your objective as
Arif is to use his power to be able to cast spells to defeat the 5 bosses of the arena along
with their waves of henchmen. As you progress in the game you will be able to unlock more
devastating spells as well as runes, which can be applied to a spell to make it even more
powerful. By utilizing Arif’s ability to cast spells from various elements, the player will be able
to defeat all of the arena’s bosses including its champion, Parthax.
You can see the trailer on our youtube channel

What we need from you is making the last reminding enemies with got in our pipeline or at least some help with it before our deadline. our artist has made some fast concept art of all the enemies

And how the enemies and bosses look in-game will be like this

About payment, we don't have anything to offer but share in the sell of the game. We have a contract ready that will legally bind us to pay you

Hope to hear from any of you guys :)

Best regards
Anders and the rest of foldergeist studios