AuthorTopic: [PAID][PERCENTAGE SHARE] Lead-2D-PixelArtist needed  (Read 2549 times)

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[PAID][PERCENTAGE SHARE] Lead-2D-PixelArtist needed

on: January 03, 2017, 05:46:43 am
Hello everyone :)

I'm an Indie-Developer from germany who is looking for an Lead-PixelArtist to join my team. I have done various Games/Apps before with more than 500 thousands of downloads. (ca. 1 million altogether)

E.g.: "Monkus" 600k downloads (Everything done by myself. PixelArt, Programing etc.)

and some more. I don't want to promote these apps with this post. I just want to show you, that I am taking this seriously.

What does "percentage share" mean?
Your hard work will be paid, but just when the game will be finished. The Lead-PixelArtist will get a monthly percentage share of the income. Of course we will do a contract for this.

Why percentage share?
Because I want, that the PixelArtist works WITH me, not FOR me. I want that we will be a team and this project should be something, you want to complete as much as I do.

Well, who am I?
I'm from Germany and I am a student at Leibniz University in Hanover. I'm studying Electronic and Computer Engineering. I have done some games already.

How big is our team?
At the moment our team consists of 2 people. Me, the programmer and 2D-Artist, and a GameDesigner (not artist).

About the Game
This game will be a 2D SideScroller in pixel art for Smart-Phones(Android and iOS.) Maybe we could publish it on Steam, but that's not decided yet. This game will be a parody on the current anime culture. So, if you like animes, it would be even better.
Yeah, I know, this doesn't tell you much. The reason for this is, because we will improve and develop the game together. You may be the head 2D-PixelArtist of our team, but you can of course develop the story, suggest gameplay elements, etc. too. How I said before, we will be a team, I won't be your boss. I think, this is something very important.

How do we promote the final product?
I have Facebook and Instagram-Pages with over 1 million (active!) likes. 500k explicit for gaming, 500k for anime. Because of that, I have the best audience for this project. If you want to prove this, I will send you the links to the Facebook-Pages and you will send me a message through Facebook and I will reply to that through the Facebook-Pages. :)

What are the requirements
You should be really good at PixelArt because the idea of this game requires very good scenery, to let it look like something because it will be a parody, so the player might not take this game serious if it looks bad. You should send me some examples of your previous work or a link to your portfolio. This won't be a fulltime job of course, because you will get an paid monthly when we publish this game and generate some income. Because of that, you will be free to manage how much time you will use for this project. But you have to be serious. You have to speak english or german. It does not have to be perfect, because my isn't either, but we have to be able to communicate. If the Lead-PixelArtist think, that this is to much work for one person, we will expand our team by 2 or 3 PixelArtists, but this will have an effect on the percentage share, of course.

Some of my work
I will show you this, because I want you to know, that I am taking this serious and that I am someone, who do finish his projects. This is something very important.

Click to open bigger image. Refresh, if images are not shown correctly.

Well, at last I want to say, that the PixelArtists should have a lot of fun doing PixelArt. I want this to be something, that makes memories for all of us. :)

Thank you for reading this, I hope we can find someone.

Best regards to all of you

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Re: [PAID][PERCENTAGE SHARE] Lead-2D-PixelArtist needed

Reply #1 on: January 03, 2017, 06:16:47 am
Hi, this sounds interesting.

My portfolio:

My mail:

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Re: [PAID][PERCENTAGE SHARE] Lead-2D-PixelArtist needed

Reply #2 on: January 03, 2017, 04:03:23 pm
Revenue share (the more common name for what you're doing for payment) belongs in the Unpaid section here, not the Paid section. The Paid section is for those jobs where payment is guaranteed, whereas revenue share is never guaranteed, no matter how confident you are about success. Revenue sharing jobs are always a risk for the artist, that's why they're grouped with unpaid work.

Do you have any examples of the kind of style you're looking for? Is there an estimate of how much work this project requires? For the backgrounds, will it be tiles or hand-drawn scenes? Since you're looking for a lead, I take it you'll want character sprites too? Do you have a preference for the scale and style of those?

Also, your example images are tiny low-quality JPGs and clicking on them does nothing (just zooms them).

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Re: [PAID][PERCENTAGE SHARE] Lead-2D-PixelArtist needed

Reply #3 on: January 03, 2017, 07:21:11 pm
Thank you very much for your interest. I really think, that you are a great 2D PixelArtist! I will send you an email for further informations. :)

Thank you for your reply and for telling me, that it's commonly named "revenue share", I didn't know that. Yes, that is right. The lead PixelArtist have to do TileSets, Character(+ Animation) etc. I myself think, that it maybe could be too much for one person, but the artstyle will be very "simple". And I will do some PixelArt too, but I wanted to focus on the programming the most, to speed the development up.

The tiles will be 32x32, the background will be tiled too. I thought of a style like this:

I think this is simple but very beautiful, if it is consistent. And the charakterdesign should be like the one on the link too.

If there are more than one PixelArtists, the problem will be, that it could be, that 2 or more styles are mixed and the consistence of the style will be lost. So they will have to adjust their style to the style of the project.

For the main-character, there will be some animations needed.
and maybe some more.

I hope this helps. :)