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[CLOSED] Dodonpachi style pixel artist

on: November 28, 2016, 01:57:47 pm
Looking for a pixel artist who can do work in the dodonpachi style.  This is a paid position, price negotiable. Please submit your portfolio and hourly or a brief explanation on how you price work.

I'm a solo developer working on a throw back title called Battle Galactic. I want to pay homage to the days of dodonpachi, galaga, and 1942.  Games I sank many quarters or hours into.

I want this to be a throwback but I plan to take advantage of modern technology to offer things they simply couldn't back then.  You will be working closely w/ me on this project to see it to completion. You would have full creative license over graphics as long as they're in the correct style.

I'm also a full time freelancer so am highly available. Currently I spend half my time on paid work, to afford to live and to fund projects like this. The other half is spent on personal projects that I hope generate income for me at some point in their lives. I also do these project to teach myself new things and work on passion projects. The plan is to release on steam and other outlets initially for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Here is a gif I made working on ship destruction using open game art.  I can build anything, but I can't color between the lines!

Looking forward to finding someone to work w/ on this project!
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