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The Staker Files

on: October 18, 2016, 12:01:46 am
Elevator Pitch
The Staker Files is a futuristic noir-crime adventure starring Private Investigator Douglas ‘Doug’ Staker as he struggles to unravel an ever thickening plot.

The year is 2115. Climate change has raised water levels and flooded the world.  Coastlines have drastically shifted, islands disappeared, and giant land-masses have become series of archipelagos.  In the wake of this catastrophe, large corporations have seized the moment and risen up to lead humanity towards a better (if more commercialised and dystopian) future.  In what was once Boston, a company called Infinite Reality Infotainment Solutions (IRIS) is set to bring augmented reality to the masses.  For a moderate sum, you too will soon be able to experience your wildest fantasy; from living your dream life, to playing next generation video games, IRIS will have a solution to suit everyone.  Or at least everyone above a certain income bracket.

Enter Doug Staker, an ex-cop turned Private Investigator drawn into a peculiar murder case in a soon to open zoo. Initially taking this case for a friend, little does he realise that he will uncover a chain of events that could change the world forever.

Alright, Sure that sounds like a pitch... but what does it really mean?
We're a group of a half dozen dedicated individuals working on a project we all believe in. Point and Click Adventure games have always been a favourite of ours and have such great potential when it comes to storytelling.

Yeah yeah, but how far are you?
We've finished plotting out the demo and have initial concept art for the main character, with more being done every week. It's a slow process as we work around other commitments (University etc) but we are getting there, and this is where you come in.
We're looking for an environment artist to bring the game world to life, as without it our project has ground to a halt.

I see... So what's the plan?
Our vision is to get a playable demo created and then get it out there for people to experience, so we can get feedback and build a rapport with potential customers before moving to a crowdfunding platform to in order to fund the first chapter of the series.
In total we have the barebones for 5 chapters to make up the whole story, with the first chapter more or less completely fleshed out.

Our plot is finished, barring one or two minor loose ends that need to be tied up, so we really need your help.
I'm not trying to sound like the kind of person who plans to pay in 'exposure' as I think that's a load of bull, If the game gets funded I have every intention of paying those who worked on the game, and to continue to pay them as we work towards a finished marketable product.

Alright... You've yammered on enough Geez... Supposing I DID want to help, and I haven't said that I did... but IF I did... how would I?
Get in touch with me at and title your email Staker Interest.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you.