AuthorTopic: Need 2D pixel artist for new game, cannot pay right away but maybe after release  (Read 1046 times)

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Hi I'm a small developer working on my own for a game but will release with company name as soon as severything is sorted. I cannot pay the artist right away, in fact maybe not for a bit so hopefully you can be patient, as soon as the game starts making revenue a deal can be made.

I have tried doing this myself but I'm not very artistic so I request one of you to email me some information and maybe a small portfolio to show off your art.

I'm not looking for Triple A style work but I would request some form of professionalism, must be good at animation and looping of animation, thank you.

If you are interested please don't hesitate to email me your "CV/Resume" please include the following:

Any Prior work on released games:

Your preference for payment (Pay Per sprite/Payy Per bundle of sprites/ Work for free/ or work on a deal when the game has made a profit):
Wether or not you would like to return as an artist after the release:
How much time you can put int o the project:

If you wish to hear  any more information regarding the game then you can always email to ask (However I wish to keep major detail to a minimum)

Game Concept:
2D Pixel Side scroller
Zombie/Apocalyptic setting
Open World
City and Suburban Landscape
PC Release Only for the forseeable future

For an example of what I'm looking for, see "This war of mine" for setting; "Kingdom: New lands" for style; and "DeadLight" for Setting also.

Art will include, characters (survivors, raiders, authorities), maybe animals, zombies/mutants, city-scape, suburban-scape, underground, buildings, weapons (melee and guns), maybe vehicles (Still debating it) etc.

Thank you for your time, I hope we get in touch
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As a word of advice, make a contract BEFORE asking the work or it cones off as you just asking for artists to take a gamble on their own pay to make your own dreams come true.
Doing it afterwards is a big red flag.
PSA: use imgur also go suggest on my quest, cmon