AuthorTopic: UbunifuGames LLC Is Seeking a Talented Pixel Artist For Our Second Game!  (Read 948 times)

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Dimension Crawler

Hello All!
My name is Milan Harris, I am the founder and lead developer at Ubunifu Games, an indie startup company! (Yes, it is a registered company). I am based in Texas. I am looking for 1 artist to work with on a game for profit share.

Before I continue, because everybody asks this, ubunifu means creativity in Swahili (pronounced oo-boon-if-oo).

I would not like to disclose the main mechanic in the game I am looking to create, because I feel it is quite unique and I do not want it to get stolen, but i can tell you a bit about the concept and what kind of art I am looking for.

The Game:
Name: Dimension Crawler
Genre: 2D Puzzle Platformer
Target Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Modes: Single Player Campaign

This will be very art driven. The game will require a large quantity of art, because it will take place in many environments. So if you want to make a game in a month that you spend a few hours a week on, this isn't the project for you. That being said, I don't need super high-resolution art, I actually prefer less detail (to an extent). I am looking for somebody who is able to produce art in a timely manner, that will help bring this awesome idea to life.

- Must be above the age of 18 - I understand many talented pixel artists are not above the age of 18, but the person I work with must be able to sign a profit share contract, and to do so, must be 18 or older
- Must be able to spend time on this game - I would say an amount of time to spend a week but all artists work at different paces. Its more about how long it takes you to produce something, rather than how much time you spend weekly. I will need a consistent amount of time spent on this project because I want to finish it in a timely manner.
- Must be able to produce quality art - I feel like I shouldn't have to say this, but when looking for artists in the past, I have been contacted by beginners. I'm not looking to learn with somebody, I am looking to create a game.
- Must be able to communicate frequently on Central Time - What i mean by that is you must be able to communicate when I am around. There will be a weekly meeting, along with general contact on a semi-daily basis. I don't mind working with people outside of North America, but I want to be able to meet at times that aren't early in the morning or late at night.
- Must have a portfolio - You don't have to have your own website or anything, but you must be able to show me work you have done in the past.

For examples of the type of art I am looking for, search the game: "Path to the Sky"

If you are interested in working on the project or have any questions, you can contact me at the following:
Skype: (should be the first result if you search it)