AuthorTopic: looking for creative pixel artist .unpaid  (Read 811 times)

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looking for creative pixel artist .unpaid

on: August 21, 2016, 02:44:39 am
Hi guys im looking for a freindly person to help me create my platformer game .so friendly in fact that they decide they will do the work for nothing more than credit .. (a man can hope right)

ok so my game is a sidescrolling platformer in the very early stages of dev.. It might never see the light of day
but the general idea is object based puzzles for instance there are some bats in a cave you need to get passed
but you have no way to do this as they will attack you ..  you combine a piece of elastic with a tree branch and create a slingshot enabling you to shoot the bats before they attack etc etc etc my game currently has the platform engine done the crafting system done and a basic storyline in my head at least

you can view my game in its current state on the link below i did the spritework myself except the main character all artwork is temporary hence the reason i am here (i kinda suck)