AuthorTopic: Looking for a pixel/sprite/asset artist to pay for work  (Read 1503 times)

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It's become obvious to me that I'm not great at explaining what I want so I'm trying to be as specific as possible this time right out of the gate.

What i'm looking for is someone to recreate the character that I have here: as a single frame sprite/pixelart/whatever you want to call it. The size I used is 64x64 but it could be larger if need be.

The details of the character are as followed:
The character is, he's a robot with a single colored(though with many many different shades) hologram avatar wrapped around him that is designed to look like a character (a gypsy ). He wears a bandana, sports a goatee, wears a simple vest, a baggy/frilly sleeved shirt, baggy pants, has bare feet, and a glowing yellow eye peering from a thin visor. His hair is unkempt but is effected by gravity.

What i'm looking for is a combination of castlevania type sprites and megamanx4 (the playstation sprites) leaning more towards the thin, lithe, flowiness of the castlevania sprites but since this character is made of different shades of one color I don't expect the seamless sprite work that CV has.

I'm all up for experimentation but I'm not aiming for super cartoony which is why i'm shying away from a mmx look.

Well I hope I got everything down this time. Feel free to contact me at any time.

and if things don't work out maybe I could hire someone to modify my sprites and help me animate what I'm doing.
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Re: Looking for a pixel/sprite/asset artist to pay for work

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I'm very interested! Sent an email.