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Wizard of Legend is a fast paced dungeon crawler with rogue-like elements where you assume the role of a powerful wizard. Here are a few links with more info about the game:

Kickstarter page with more info
Steam coming soon page


We're looking for a talented pixel artist who can roughly match our existing style for environmental artwork. You would be in charge of creating a tileset and props themed after an element (fire, air, lightning). Base size for all tiles is 16x16 while the size and dimensions of decorations and props can vary. In total, you will be in charge of all the environmental artwork required for 3 environments in the final game. Your creative input is welcome and we are somewhat flexible on the style and designs. All work will be paid for and done remotely in close collaboration with our in-house team. All the artwork is expected to be done on a rolling basis during our 6 month development cycle.

Here are a few examples of the general style we're looking for:

Example 1
Example 2


Contingent99 LLC is a indie gamedev studio based out of Los Angeles. You can find more information about the team and company on our presskit:


If you're interested, please send us your portfolio and rates to with the subject line "Environmental Pixel Artist" to ensure that it doesn't get lost with everything else. Thanks!