AuthorTopic: rpg team unwritten needs environment artist  (Read 1264 times)

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rpg team unwritten needs environment artist

on: July 03, 2016, 11:59:28 am
hey my name is jara. me and my team are making a game.

the name of the game is unwritten, and we really need an environment artist because our old one quit because he got too much work from another project.
it's called like that because there are 8 characters (all have different elements and weapons which i already made art for), all with different stories, who land in the world of a book which is unfinished. the choices they make (for example: there are two doors, and when she choses the first door it has a different ending/outcome than when she choses the second door)
it would be awesome if there could be added an online multiplayer function, but not necessarily.
i've made quite alot art for it, more than i mentioned. so i really want to make this work.
for example i made the cursor, the dialogue bar, the inventory thing (items, weapons/skills, equips, save), potions, healthbar, gear, weapons, skills, enemies.
it's gonna be an isometric game, and we're quit in early stages. the title screen is done, the inventory, the walking and maybe the jumping today.

it's rev share, i hope everyone is okay with that. im not a scammer, i just want my own work to be used for a game, and see the progress on it. i also like working in teams, to make something together. since no one hired me and when they did my art didnt fit in the game, i started up this project myself. why i can't pay u per asset is because im 17 and i don't have a job.

here are some examples:

if you are interested

contant info
skype: jarajaramelon
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