AuthorTopic: [PAID] A pixel-artist that is able to improve our entire monster line-up  (Read 1404 times)

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---Who are we---
We are 2 guys creating a new game together with the team we’re hiring. Our game is based on the monster-capture genre, some background information on it can be found in our older post here:

---What will you be doing?---
At the moment we are looking for a monster designer, who can work with our current style.
Currently there are around 110-120 monsters in our game, which all have a back+front sprite. A lot of these sprites could use multiple kind of edits/improvements so they will looks perfect in our final game.

We will hand you a set of monster sprites, and we would like you to go over them and improve everything you think that needs to be improved, e.g. to improve the stance (looking at the enemy), the stance on the ground, better lighting, better textures, etc. In one word, polishing. We’re also always open for feedback if you have awesome ideas that could improve our monsters, e.g. extra accessories.

Below you will see two examples of monsters in our game, whereof (in our opinion) the left one does not need a lot of polishing, but the right one could benefit from being polished.

Are you the one that can help us make this game become a big success? Or do you have any questions? Mail us at Please mention in your reply:
-Your expected hourly wage
-Or your expected price per monster, if that is what you prefer
-Some examples of your work/portfolio

Kind regards,

Team Coromon

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The position has been taken. Thanks for all your replies!