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Pixel Art - sprites & background needed.

on: October 01, 2005, 09:09:40 pm
Hello. I am CJX of

I used to post a little on this site's predecessor. I am an extremely novice Pixel Artist.

This is where I need some help. I am making a game, but my pixel art is either really bad, or "borrowed" from advance wars screenshots.

A Brief outline of the Game

Named: Future Infinity, Found at Is a MMORPG that plays straight in your browser using a combination of PHP and a little javascript. You battle people, catch animals, fight with them, build stuff, trade etc. Its 90% complete with over 250 members playing regularly already. But it badly needs some better pixel art!

All I need is a few sprites (nothing animated).

Here are my requirements:

  • 4 "Suits" with Boy and Girl Fighting and Normal Sprites (16 pictures in total)
  • Some background features: Grass tile, sea tile, coastal tiles, tree, mountain etc. All 16x16

If possible all the character sprites should be made from roughly the same base, so their heads can be cropped and used on any of the bodies.

All credit will be given to the artists, as well as links to their portfolios etc. Free accounts or game advantages could also be granted if they would like them :)

I would prefer it if this work was done for free, as I have not made much money from the game, but if you are desperate for payment then the most I can afford is about 10.

You may want to sign up to the game to get an idea of its requirements.