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Hi everyone. I'm Nikles (and I'm new to this forum). I'm a 30-ish dude from Italy (thought it would be nice to know).

I'm also developing a 2D Platformer (name of the project is "Kren").

*not quite a "video inside" but there's a youtube link at the end of this post.

Everything you see here, except the block tilesets (from, was made by me.
And it shows. Because I'm no artist.
I'm mainly a developer (there's no one else working on this project, so there's no "team").

The devlog of this game is at
Right now I'm developing the game engine.
Testing the mechanics.

I'm looking for an artist, at this stage of development, because I need to visualize how the game feels.

This won't be an action packed game.
In fact, when I think about it, I think about words like
  • solitude
  • isolation
  • mysterious
  • unearthly
  • uncanny
  • dark
  • ghostly
  • unnatural
  • evil
  • Super Metroid

The primary objective should be to prototype the game with graphics.
I still don't know if this is going to be a commercial project or not.
Should it become a viable commercial game there could be many options. Here are just some of them
  • Prototype's used to get funding. Then...
    • The artist remains the same, becoming the final game artist. Gets what is due to him/her, plus revenues shares.
    • The artist changes; prototype art won't be used; he/she will get no revenues shares but will get what is due to him/her.
  • Prototype is ready to market; no more funding necessary. Artist remains the same so revenue shares apply.
  • Project gets cancelled. No one gets anything (this should not happen! at all costs!) Artist is free to use his/her art however he/she sees fit.

Right now I'm unable to test the mechanics, to think about what works and what doesn't; to imagine the game world. I need to quickly place things in the levels, test them and get an emotional response as to what works and what doesn't.

I'm looking for help. Any kind of help.
  • Tilesets
  • Backgrounds
  • Visual FX
  • Sprites

  • I will be trying to help the artist as much as I'm able to, given my limited artistic skills.
  • The game will have a resolution of 384 x 216.
  • Player will be more or less 36px tall.
  • The current game art won't be used as a basis (thank god!)
  • Sprite animation skills (walk cycle, jump, ledge grab, climbing etc.) is preferred

A couple of videos here:

Beware: the game videos/images are only there to show collisions and other tech aspect. The overall feeling of the game is going to differ drastically. Think Super Metroid (there, I said it).

Thanks for reading this.
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Hey, your project is really interesting  :),
but do you have an email or similar to send messages to, or how do want to  be contacted?
Skype: masterbomp08

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Thanks :)

For anyone interested, you can send me PMs as well as emails via my profile.

I'm willing to give you my email address (and skype even) but I do not post it here simply due to spam crawlers issues.

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