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Hello everyone

We would like to invite you to be among the first to test The Sandbox 2 and help us make it the best game as possible!

The Sandbox 2 is the sequel to the 2D pixel-art world builder game The Sandbox, which was downloaded on iOS, Android and PC over 16M times, and named among Best Games of 2012 on the App Store!

[SIZE="5"]What's New?[/SIZE]

Curious about the changes and new features of The Sandbox 2?
Here's what the Beta includes already:
- Elements: over 100 elements to play with already
- Size of the world: x10 bigger
- Resolution: x4 more details and new sets of textures
- Game Maker features: 1x controllable hero
- Night & Day Cycle
- Improved Physics interactions

Update (Feb 18th)
We're really happy to announce that ‪#‎TheSandbox2‬ has been nominated at 2 prestigious Indie Developers Conferences!

1. At the IMGAwards ‪#‎IMGA12‬ in Best Upcoming Games of 2016!
You can vote to support the game here:

2. At Game Connection's Dev Award with  in 4 categories!
Nominated for:
  • Best Mobile / Tablets
  • Best Casual Game
  • Most Promising IP
  • Most Creative & Original
[SIZE="5"]=> LIKE this post to support us :)[/SIZE]

Update (Dec 08th)
After several weeks of hard work, we're really happy to send out today a new batch of invites to the new Beta version of the game! If you haven't had the chance yet to register, it's not too late!
[COLOR="#0074d9"][SIZE="7"]==> Join the Beta[/SIZE][/COLOR]

For all existing Beta Testers who will receive the build, we want you to share your worlds in the Online Gallery!

[SIZE="5"]Show us what you can do with The Sandbox 2[/SIZE], and we will feature the best creations at the launch of the game!

We're also happy to introduce our new character: Gaia!  What the Teaser Video:

What's New in this Beta?
You will notice that we have made many changes with this version, the most noticeable ones being:
  • - Improved Visual Effects
  • - Improved Performance
  • - Improved UI
  • - UI: Controllable buttons
  • - New Controllable Caveman
  • - New Platformer Elements
  • - Tutorial Campaign added
  • - Tooltip when using Controllable elements
  • - New Intro Video
  • - Online Gallery is working
  • - Top Worlds filter for the Online Gallery

What's Coming Next?
By the way, we are also glad to share with you a hint at what we are expecting to include for the * Softlaunch release in December 2015:
  • - The first campaign "Caveman" will be complete
  • - New elements to play with
  • - Fully working Online Gallery
  • - Rating Worlds
  • - Improved Login Flow to Social Functions
  • - Improved Overall Performance
  • - Allowing users to set effects ON/OFF
  • - Game Economy integrated: Shops, Daily Bonus, Purchasing Elements, Backgrounds, Campaigns
  • - Campaigns System Improvements
and many other improvements of course!

Ready to play? Go!
Give us your iTunes or Google Play identifier through this form and you will be granted access to the build as soon as we release it for your platform.

==> Join the Beta[/B]

How To Play?
In The Sandbox 2, you can create wonderful landscapes and natural worlds, adding soil, water, stone, vegetation, trees and life!

You can watch your world change over the course of the day, or set your prefered time of the day as well:

Here is one of the major new features: you can control characters in-game and design your own levels and games