AuthorTopic: [CLOSED/PAID] 2D Pixel artist to make all art assets for a grid-based logic game  (Read 1319 times)

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Update: Thank you everyone who has contacted me - the offer is now closed.

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Maurycy (though Maurice might be easier for you to pronounce) and I am an indie game developer releasing games under Let me start by telling you a bit more about myself so that to ease any readers' or moderators' worries about my person:

 - I have a sole-proprietorship registered in Poland, on which information you can find on the government site here. The actual company name is Maurycy Zarzycki, nevertheless both domains acknowledge each other.
 - I have released a lot of free games in the past. My latest game Monstro: Battle Tactics was recently released on Steam, and you can find my older projects on my website
 - In terms of art I've almost exclusively worked with Aleksander Kowalczyk, not including the times where I did the art myself. In terms of payment, we either did revenue split (20%-50%) or flat rate for the art.

What is the game about?

The idea is to remake a game I have previously released called Linx. You can play the game here (done in Flash), and you can see a couple of screenshots on imgur.

Linx is a grid-based logical game where your objective is to connect bases with paths of the same color. If you've ever played 3D logic then it might sound familiar, because that was the main inspiration behind this, although Linx is certainly a bit different.

What are the project requirements?

Overall the list of assets to create includes:
 - At least two types of bases, each in two states and 8 different color variants (could be color and shape for being color-blind friendly)
 - Path in all connecting variants for 4 cardinal directions, in 8 different color variants + neutral color
 - A couple of different special blocks in a few connection variants
 - Some unspecified number of tiles to use as the floors, probably somewhere between a dozen unique tiles (+autotile variants)
 - Logo
 - Interface (both in-game HUD and various screens and screen elements)
 - Illustrations for intros (these I am considering commissioning separately)

As for the more technical details:
 - The art is not supposed to be abstract, the plot will follow repairing a gigantic computerized machine in a deep underground cave, so nature + technology
 - The flash Linx uses 16x16 tiles and the resolution of the qame is 512x448. I am planning to go with 24x24 or 32x32 tiles and a more traditional resolution (something that can easily fit 20x15 puzzle + HUD)
 - Not sure about the style, but I recently was very fascinated by the art in Hyper Light Drifter - sparse amount of colors with sharp contrasts between them
 - The gameplay in itself is pretty static so the elements would require some fluidity to them (animated bases? animated background tiles? particles?)

As for payment and contract:
 - To avoid problems with handling taxes I need the artist to be a company/sole-proprietorship or to be working in Poland.
 - I will need to sign a contract (can be sent via email) with the artist before the job is started
 - The work is of course paid, either via PayPal or a bank transfer
 - There is no set budget and thus I'd like to negotiate the rate individually

Feel free to reply here, PM me or mail me directly at
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Thank you everyone for contacting me, the offer is now closed.