AuthorTopic: GrafX2 introductory video tutorial - [re-recorded, better quality]  (Read 1478 times)

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Edit: I recorded the blasted thing again, it looks much better now.

Been a long time since I was active here.

I'm not a GrafX2 wizard but I've been using it for a long time already, and actually only now I noticed that:

-Apparently there are no tutorials, much less video tutorials.
-The interface is a huge "what" for people that come in contact with it
-Online documentation is dying.

So I slapped together this introductory tutorial with the idea of making more as long as I actually know what I'm talking about. Time didn't allow to explain right button use on the interface itself even though it's alluded to, I'll guess that's the next thing I'll have to cover.

Any thoughts on how useful / helpful it'd be to make more?
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