AuthorTopic: Experienced Pixel Artist & Musician - Available For Hire!  (Read 3338 times)


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I am a flexible artist and musician with experience in a variety of different design, artistic & musical approaches. I have an undying passion for developing and working on interesting ideas and I am incredibly keen to discover any opportunities that may arise here on Way of the Pixel. Currently I am in between projects after working on a few games and music projects and am looking for paid work to help keep me on my toes!  :y:

I generally thrive within high fantasy and highly stylized settings and styles, but based on the intricacies and realism of a project, I can be quick to learn and emulate certain styles.

My freshly made online portfolio is available below, I will be adding more pieces when possible:

Some Previous Works:

Hope the community can find some enjoyment in my work and I look forward to hopefully working with some of you in the near future!

- Moose
Currently accepting projects!