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Pixors - Real Life Pixel Art Decors & Murals

on: August 05, 2015, 03:48:38 pm
Hi everyone. I am James from Pixors. I have created Pixors pixel art stickers for people to make pixel art on objects. You can use Pixors Stickers to decorate walls, cars, laptops, windows etc with pixel art. It is also a great children's activity. We have organized a few Pixors pixel art workshops before and I must say the response from the children were really encouraging.

Right now, we are crowdfunding Pixors on, the second largest crowdfunding platform in the world. Here's the crowdfunding video:

More info on Pixors

When we were creating the backdrop for the crowdfunding video, we created a "UFO Mothership Invasion" pixel art on the wall in the living room. It took us awhile but it looks really great in the living room.

We created "Sydney New Year Fireworks" pixel art and many other panoramic views of different cities in the world

"Singapore Panoramic Reflection"

(Feel free to give critiques on the pixel art, I'm always improving my pixel art drawing skills as well)

This is one of our Pixors workshop we have conducted. This is a music class, which explains why most of the pixel art are music instruments.

Well, I thank you guys so much for reading the whole thing. In our first day of crowdfunding we have raised 33% of the total amount. Right now I am approaching more pixel art communities to let them know that it is now possible to create real life pixel art. If you like this project, do support us on Indiegogo, help us share on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter and post it on Google+.

We are currently using the "Fixed Funding" method, and we are raising only $8,000. If we don't get $8,000 by the end of the campaign, we will not receive a cent and this project will not become a reality. However, with 39 days left, we believe fully funding Pixors is possible, but we need your help to make this happen.
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PS: I have asked ptoing for permission to post this project in the General Forums.
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