AuthorTopic: [Low-Budget but Paid] Looking for a young artist fresh out of school!  (Read 1397 times)

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I am a sole developer in the design phase of a new game. I have been very impressed with most of the work on Pixelation, and am hoping to find a young easygoing artist who is willing to work together, and hopefully create something that is both visually stunning, and of course fun!


I've been using Unity for the past 4 years, and it is what I'm most comfortable developing with, and will be scripting in C#. Anyone with a little bit of Unity experience would be ideal!


The game idea is basically Monster Rancher 1(PS) for mobile-- but instead of 3D animated monsters-- 2D pixel ones (obviously). If you never played Monster Rancher before it's basically a Tamogatchi on crack, and they can battle. I hope to integrate the battling with facebook so you can challenge your friends. I plan on spending an hour or so with whoever is interested discussing the game idea in more detail.


I'm thinking cute, squishy, pastel-like-colours. I want to give the artist full control with those descriptive words as sort of a restriction-- I'm happy as long as everything fits the theme and work together. The target audience would be both boys and girls ages 10 - 17.

The Low Budget

I'm just a normal guy, 24 years old, working two shitty jobs, paying off a student loan-- but I've saved up a bit of money. I hope to work together with someone on the concept, and the assets! I am willing to pay $1000 Canadian for your time and work. I am also willing to pay more if things go well.

Assets we would work on together would be backgrounds, all monsters with animations, special effects, interface buttons, title and loading screens-- the works! I'm assuming we can mix and match things. Maybe use particles for certain effects, or shaders. We'll definitely need to discuss details, the game is still in a design phase.

There will be a third person involved in the development, he will be providing game sounds and music.


If anything you read here clicked, and you've got a good feeling, then shoot me an email at
I'd love to hear from anyone who is interested!