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Re: Main character walk animation

Reply #10 on: October 21, 2015, 10:28:09 pm
Excuse the long delay since my last post in this thread. Aside from having to actually do important stuff now, I've practised procrastinating quite a bit  ::); This thing is also sucking my will to live/do anything, so I'd be quite happy to be done with it. It's centainly much much better than the first version.I still find quite some things wrong with it (tail is still weird, back arm more or less dissapears), but I'm not particularly productive when this keeps coming back.

I've added a bit of movement for the head, and made the ear-things bob a bit. I intend them otherwise to be pretty much rigid. I haven't animated blinking, because I don't quite know yet how I want to implement that in-game.

Problem you have here is that arms and legs have different length in different frames (even in same frame both legs or arms don't have same length)...

I've checked, but the only times I could find any inconsistent lengths are with the legs when they're at their lowest. I've done that deliberately to give the thing some bounce. I couldn't find any discrepancy with the arms. If you've seen any other inconsistency could you point those out?

Angle of whole animation is very strange...

I don't think it's an uncommon "bend" in perspective to animate characters in side view to run/walk somewhat toward the screen, although I don't think it's usually this pronounced or at this resolution. I did this because a sideview of the character would be boring. It's intended for a sidescroller anyway.


- The gif is too slow now rather than too fast. great.

I went so long between updates that I don't remember all the changes specifically. Mostly I tried to fix the front hip a bit. Comparing sprite sheets of this and the previous versions shows quite a few alterations though. Anyway, I don't think I'll be doing much to this for a while.
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