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Re: [WIP][C+C]The Modern Prometheus

Reply #10 on: June 24, 2015, 02:10:04 am
Thanks for the feedback, Black Terror and Decroded. ;D

Quote from: BlackTerror
If you look at hand-painted movie posters, they overlap forms constantly to create interesting compositions, but your heads are just floating dull and sterile in space. Those are not themes I would associate with Shelley's Frankenstein.
Quote from: Decroded
google "movie posters" and analyze the compositions

I was torn to hear this at first. I thought that the emptiness of the composition and the way the creature floated in the background conveyed the sense of dreariness and depression in Frankenstein and the looming, pervasive presence of the creature in the story, respectively, but y'all are probably right -- it looks weak and doesn't get the message accross properly. :blind:

I made two edits: the first keeps the basic pyramid formation of the heads but moves everything closer together, and the second experiments with the more complicated, overlapped compositions I saw in my google image searches. The latter is starting to grow on me; it looks more solid, though at the moment the creature is kind of growing out of the side of Victor's head (unintentional symbolism? :huh:). Also, I just did messy stretching of the word Prometheus for the moment to see how it affects things.


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Re: [WIP][C+C]The Modern Prometheus

Reply #11 on: June 24, 2015, 10:50:13 am
typically a poster will have 1 primary focal point and a whole bunch of secondary things to lead ur eye around and around.
i notice they usually try to trap ur eye inside the frame for example here there are strong lines that literally make u feel trapped (as well as cleverly forming an hourglass)
in this composition the eye is drawn immediately to bond's face, then there is a line straight down the to text, then there are curvy movement lines that lead ur eye back up to the primary focal point into a sort of endless loop.

anyway here's a few quick suggestions to tighten things up and use scale to add some drama and control priority.

u could further control priority and tension/conflict through use of colour if u wanted to.

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Re: [WIP][C+C]The Modern Prometheus

Reply #12 on: June 28, 2015, 11:07:17 am
Googling 'movie poster' is a start but you need a more specific direction.
This is to nail down the viewers' impression and keep that direction going as you finish this.

I'm basically saying what Decroded said here but a good movie poster (the best ones) is like a good propaganda poster. It's direct, it sucks your eye to the page, and on the abstract level it's also iconic.

But it's also like a time capsule, in how it's made, what it shows, etc.
Think about stuff like, is the poster old (30s horror), or is it modern, is it a modern take on old posters.
Then take cues from that.
2- or 3-person head shots are common and generic nowadays so this looks pretty modern, and you can stick with that but you need to go further with it.

The first thing I went back and redid, was planar reconstruction of the heads.
(Here is the wip with wireframes)
That gets me more control over and realism with the lighting, something this needs with the direction it's going.
(EDIT: Just found an even better ref for this principle than the one I did here)
Then tweaked the sizes of the heads based on one of Decroded's edits.
Emphasized some stuff like the lighting and symbolism.
+ Fake credits.

Also there are a few kickass artists who worked on posters back in the day you can use as reference:

Drew Stuzan
Bob Peak
On the ones with big heads look at how they are arranged, it's not a triangle unless the triangle is explicit and the poster is built around it.
Also squint to see that the shapes are all different, I tried to incorporate some of that abstract thinking in the edit. (But it only really works here in the upper left.)

Hope this shows you what to do.
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