AuthorTopic: [PAID] Generic Character Sprites, Equipment, Effects for 2D MOBA RPG  (Read 2396 times)

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Hey guys,

I am currently building a 2D MOBA RPG game, and therefore in need of a 2D Pixel artist!

What I need done:

Character Sprites (& Equipment)

A Base Default Character (wearing only shorts)
The character should be bald, male, average build, wearing only shorts.
Height: 80 pixels
Width: 50 pixels

Animations (Animated in 8 Directions)
Moving (~4 Frames) – In between a Walk/Run if possible?
Attacking (~3 Frames)
Dying (~4 Frames)

A Great Sword – Animated Same as above – in all directions
A Short Sword
Plate Mail Armor (Covering Chest, Shoulders, Legs)
Gloves – “Fury” Themed –Terms in quotes are used loosely, take them for what you will.
Boots – “Energy” Themed
Helmet – “Dragon” Themed

Effect Animations

Stun Animation (4 Frames) – I was thinking a Gray spiral appears over the characters head indicating that they are stunned, or something similar to this concept.
Sparkle Animation (3 Frames) – This animation occurs when the character Teleports to a new location, in their original place there should be some sort of “Sunlight” or “Sparkle” effect.

The Sprites and graphics should fit a similar theme to the Tileset below.

Please PM me with your Portfolio link as well as your Offer, along with any questions! Thanks for reading guys.