AuthorTopic: [Paid] NES game cutscenes  (Read 1194 times)

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[Paid] NES game cutscenes

on: May 20, 2015, 09:43:55 am
Piko Interactive looking for a talented pixel artist to create cutscene graphics for an upcoming NES game.

The game is for actual 8-bit console from 1983/85, not a modern PC game with retro look.

The job is to draw a few pictures 1/3 screen large, illustration-like, including characters close ups and some scenery. We need someone who is well familiar with the NES graphics limitations and NES games in general, and can provide level of quality comparable to Blaster Master, Journey to Silius, or Solbrain in a reasonable time.

Please note, ability to work with low (<16) color graphics limitations and draw human faces is a must, that's what we're looking for in your portfolios.

Contact me via Please send examples of your past works and an estimate of how much you would charge per picture, similar to ones from the video examples above.