AuthorTopic: Looking for Feedback on my Pixel Avatar WebGame, Icon Universe  (Read 1434 times)

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Hey everyone,

I'll try to be as respectful and un-noobish as possible, as this IS my first post.

I recently created an avatar community called Icon Universe, which is in the very early stages. Since this is a pixel forum I was hoping I could get some feedback on the website and what I could do to improve? Currently we're just trying to get all the art content in there and really hype up the fact you can draw your own clothing to use or sell to other members. It's something we've never seen before, and although it may exist, it was a pretty cool concept to focus on.

The website is an social game/avatar community that(again) lets it's users draw their own clothes. With these clothes, they can style their avatars or sell them in the open market(and personal shop) to other users. In the following weeks there will be mini games to play that distribute points and high scores, rooms where you can chat and interact with the community realtime(walk around, chat, etc). We're also looking into a click-style adventure aspect called Towns, where you can solve puzzles, gain quests, and really get an RPG-Like feel. We also have a Karma system that(depending on your decisions throughout the website) will give experience to either the Light or Dark, leveling up your avatar and opening doors to secret areas, people and items.

So this is my idea, and like i said it's well underway just in very early stages. I was wondering if anyone would drop by and give me some insight on what might need improvement? Or play xP

Thanks, and have a great day guys!