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My name is Johan Aronsson and I work as a freelance pixel artist. Born and raised in Sweden, I've had a dream of doing games and game art since a very young age. I started practicing pixel art as a technique 12 years ago. The dream eventually came true when I started working with clients during the summer of 2013. In 2014 I finished and released my first game Dr.Green( I'm currently working with several clients on upcoming games for Smartphones & PC/Mac/Linux. For more information about my projects, art and how to contact me can be found on my site:

Currently working on

Laser Fury (Studio Thunderhorse
Samurai Assassin (Jon Lepage
Spooks N' Spikes (Studio Thunderhorse
Samurai Blitz (Studio Thunderhorse - Released on iOS
Raccoon Rascals (Studio Thunderhorse

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