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Update: The position has now been filled, thank you to everyone who applied.


Hey there! My name is Dan, and I'm the developer of Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle. Claustrophobia is a 2D Graphical Roguelike currently in Early Access on Steam. More information on it can be found on the Official Site, and Steam Page.

Up until now, I have been handling design, programming, and graphics myself, with music being composed by Chris Kukla. As well as working on Claustrophobia, I am also in my second year of University, and as such, the workload has recently become too much for me to handle alone. To this end, I am looking to hire a pixel artist to take on the art side of things where I left off.

Work Description

I am looking for a Pixel Artist who can produce Weapon & Armour icons, in-game sprites of said icons, monster sprites, and simple terrain tiles. The art produced must match the current style of Claustrophobia's graphics. Claustrophobia uses 1 frame 32x32 pixel graphics which are manipulated inside the game engine, so no animation is necessary. The full list of required artwork is as follows:
  • Equipment Icons: Approx. 6 icons for each item rarity (Common, Rare, Legendary), for each major type of Equipment (15 types). These can can include edits and recolours of each other, since there are different icons for Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence variations. I realise that this is rather a large undertaking, and the total number of icons needed my be adjusted.
  • Sprite Equivalents: Claustrophobia features a visual equipment system, so slightly altered versions of the above icons will be required to match the character's in-game sprite. These will not need to be animated, and 1 frame fits all body types. The body sprite template will be provided.
  • Monster Sprites: 1 frame 32x32 pixel monsters to populate the new levels. Actual design of these monsters will be down to the artist.
  • Environment Tiles: The new levels will require wall and floor tiles. The wall tiles require joins to fit the tiling engine, and the floor tiles require 9 small variations.
Claustrophobia's graphic style can be seen below:


Payment will be a one time payment, which can be discussed based on your own rates. To apply, PM me or email me at with your portfolio, or even better, include a sample close to the desired art style. If you wish to discuss anything with me, let me know.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Dan Millward
The Indie Forge
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