AuthorTopic: [Paid] Looking for professional PIXEL ARTISTS for our 2D MMORPG game project  (Read 1811 times)

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Hello pixel artists.
I, nicknamed as Ray, am looking for expert pixel artists who can pixel anime-styled character bases.
So, let me explain how it works and what's going on.
I am the founder and main, single developer (as for now) of a 2D Side-Scrolling anime-styled MMORPG, An unusual upcoming MMORPG which is mainly focused on the players' freedom of role-play and action, Involving special systems and exciting PVE / PVP systems in an open world free platform, With anime styled graphics and a main exciting story-line.

We already hired a web designer which finished the job and built us a great website, And an other team member of mine who's identified as the second owner, Is coding it.

Alright, so let's get to business !

What we need

An expert pixel artist, or some of them, who can create a base made of separated parts (head, body, hands, leg) that connect each other and form a full body in-game.
The base is a place for different attachments (hair, eyes, accessories, clothes, weapons) and is the same for all players (except for a skin change, which is basically a matter of changing the color).
It has to be animated of course, And we'll have you making different positions for it (stand-idle, walk, run, different attacking poses, jump, fly, and more).
The sprites have to be well-visible and are going to be displayed in a 800x600 resolution, So the sprites are not gonna be as tiny as like.. 16 bit or something. (see example)


Let's give you for example, the so-called pretty much most famous 2D MMORPG as for today, MapleStory.
That's how their character base works:

And well of course, We want our base COMPLETELY different.. This is just an example.
In case you attend, and we accept you after we check out your works, We'll tell you exactly how we want it to be designed.

Skills required

- High level pixel artist
- Knows how to well-animate his sprites.
- Familiar with the anime style, High priority for those who already make most of their sprites anime-styled.
- * Familiar with computer 2D coordinates and logic.
(This is not a must, but it's important and would save us a lot of work)


We will pay what's required according to both our standards, And your standards.
You'll be told everything about it when we communicate.


You have to be in touch with us most of the time, be active and dedicated, and with enough ways of communication. We mostly use Skype with our members and employees.
If your work is good, We might even want you to stay with us always and work for us all the way to the beta and beyond. So consider this a good opportunity for a full fledged work.

We are not too tight or anything, so no worries !

Contact us

You can attend to this work by sending us an application here:

Thank you !
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