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Goblin Sword

on: September 15, 2014, 10:34:34 pm
Hey Pixel Masters!

I am very, very new here, but not new to playing and building simple games. I would like to start a discussion about the recent
rise of Goblin Sword....

I am an independent game builder with a very real interest in creating very similar games as GS mentioned above.

I was wondering and maybe just for fun, maybe for a real paying gig if any experienced or just talented pixel artists would like
to take a crack at what it would take to produce a game almost exactly the same as Goblin Sword. What I'm talking about is of
course time / effort that it would take to produce the game art?

I have read probably over 100 threads around costing a pixel / retro game of this style and scope and would love to get a direct
quote from some of you fine artists.

Any takers? I know some other game producers would love to hear your thoughts!