AuthorTopic: (Rev Share) Pixel Artist needed for promising game in alpha  (Read 1037 times)

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Me and a few others have been working on a game in our free time that we're very proud of, it's in pre-alpha currently, and we're very excited for what we have but we need an additional artist to makes sprites and backgrounds so that we can get it finished much faster and of course make it look much nicer but since this is a side venture for us we're going by a revenue share arrangement.

It's a 2d side-scrolling metroidvania type with survival game elements, with a bleak setting and story that deal with themes like misanthropy, political partisanship, looking for meaning in life when day to day survival is a struggle. At it's core it's about a guy named Reggie looking to infiltrate an isolated city state in political turmoil to try kidnap the lead scientist who is working on a virus that would wipe out the savage infected humans that now plague the planet but that's really just a jumping point for a whole lot of things that will spiral out of control. Overall it's a depressing, grim, and frankly pessimistic game.

As far as art style goes it should be grim, here is a concept piece that we have and our current in game art style is this but we could always make things snazzier with an additional artist.

You can contact me through my email or through skype where I'm edward.dickson40

Anyway that's my pitch! If you're intrigued let me know