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Hi guys!

I'm StePanda, I live in Italy and I'm a freelancer illustrator, comic artist, and from some time I work with pixel art. I'm here to ask help for our creative staff: we need a pixel artist who have good knowledge of 16-bit animation and who can help us to complete the animations for our upcoming videogame, "Equestria World: the videogame". It is a 2d side scrolling platform, based on "My Little Pony" and other animals and original character. The main concept is a mix of "Cave Story", "Kirby Super Star" and "Angry Video Game Nerd", with a cute pony as main character who must defeat a series of "Troll Ponies", ugly and disgusting creatures.
Our game will be free, no one will be paid or have other gains from it, but we want to use it as example of our abilities for our portfolio, and as previewn for a future work to put on the market.
Also we want show a playable demo at the Italian comic and cartoon convention "Lucca Comics", held in Lucca from 30 October to 2 November.

This is the shot of the start screen as example-->> LINK
Our project had gain a big interest and earn an article on a famous blog--->> LINK

Our staff is already composed by:
-> 3 illustrators (with me)
-> a programmer

We seek a new graphic artist who know pixel art animation for revise our animations withour errors. And example of our scketches: LINK

You can leave here a message for any question or inquiries abouth the job or our project, thanks!  :)

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