AuthorTopic: I'm looking for a simple animated sprite with a walk cycle.  (Read 2765 times)

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Hi, everyone - this is a basic request. There are so many threads and so many animations, that I'm not sure how to find something like this.

I'm practicing with adventure game studio, which allows you to make sierra style adventure games like kings quest or space quest.

I would like to test some scenes by adding a character that can walk up, down, left, right and diagonal. Nothing intense so I'm looking for a small sprite sheet that might have a character for those angles to use as a test character. The default character with the game engine is very basic and too limited to use. If you can point me to a thread or some link, I would appreciate it. Or if you have a sprite sheet I can use, maybe you can post it in this thread. This is strictly for testing purposes, so I would not use your work in a project for any other reason.

The more examples, of course - the better.

PS - I will eventually work on my own animated character and backgrounds so I will for sure have questions in this forum, but for now I'm playing around with the scripting part and putting scenes together. I thought I would mention this in case anyone would like a more elaborate reason for the request.

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If the work isn't going to be used for any other reason than testing why not just use sprites from the games you mentioned for your tests?

Or any other adventure game:

To find them just search <insert game name here> sprites.

Edit: So okay, you need diagonals which those don't have. But I can still think of dozens of random games that have them. (Ace Attorney Investigations. A bunch of 'em all in one pack.)

Is there a very specific size you need or something?
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