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          2. Project title: Dragon Curse Project

          3. Description of company or project:
our main languajes:
spanish and english
in this blog  you can find all the information about of the project.

and in this topic on the engine forum:

the game engine is construct2:

this is a metroid fan made create in construct2:

this is the last playable build of the project:

about me:
I'm a Interactive Media Designer, I'm from Cali Colombia,I'm 24 years old man, and I Studied in ICESI University.
right now I'm working in Level Plus Game Studio as a animator, and concept artist.
my main focus is Concept art, illustration, digital painting, 2D and 3D animation and pixel art.
 I have 2 years of experience with construct 2 and 4 with video game design.

          4. Talent/Position requirements:
  • we need some one who can work on backgrounds with tiles, who have experience in pixel art, tiled, photoshop,
  • we need some one who have experience with gui desing in pixel art.
          5. Payment:
in this moment is a portfolio project, you can use all you work in the project for your portfolio, and in avance phase we will public the game in kickstarted and all the people on the group will recieve money in base on their work in the project.

          6. Contact information.
if you are interested contact me:
or find me in facebook.
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