AuthorTopic: Spriter, 2d game animation tool now with pixel art mode!  (Read 1866 times)

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Hi Everyone,

This is Mike from BrashMonkey. I wanted to share with you a new video I made which showcases the new features In the latest build of Spriter which can be extremely useful to pixel artist or anyone making a pixel art based game.

If you're new to Spriter, it's a modular animation tool which lets easily create highly optimized 2d animations for games, which you can either export as sequential PNGs, sprite strips or sprite sheets, or, ideally use the actual Spriter project file you'd use in your game engine to recreate the animations on the fly with just the handful of “body part” images. For those who can use the actual Spriter data in their game engine, Spriter offers the ability to not just create animations, but to also designate an unlimited number of collision boxes and “action points” per frame, as well as to trigger sound effects and even variable changes at any point in each animation.
You can download the latest version of Spriter (build B8) from

You can see a quick overview some of Spriter's key features in action here:
If you'd like to provide feedback, suggestions, or feature requests, please join our forums at , or email us directly at

Thanks very much for your time and much valued feedback.