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Greetings everyone  >:D
I am a pixel artist from Ukraine, you can call me Volt or Anton. I've been interested and engaged in pixel art for a long time. I started doing it professionally two years ago. Now I am looking for new interesting projects, mostly games, but I will not refuse other work. I have experience working on games, NFTs and just illustrations. I can work both in your chosen style and develop a new one. I can also make not too complicated animations, but this is a bonus, not my main job.

More works:
Discord: voltbat#4213 (no calls, only for messaging)

Let's respect each other's time, so please send the full task and references of what you want in the first message.
Don't be afraid to ask me if you are not sure if I can work in your style or have other questions.
Have a nice day :)
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