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Retro Revolution Project Game Engine

on: April 01, 2014, 05:21:08 am

I would like to announce the opening of a new open game console design, the Retro Revolution Project Game Engine (RRPGE).

This console aims to replicate a system probably possible in the early 90's while designed in a way it may be seamlessly integrated into today's technologies. From the specifications everything is open by the spirit of GNU GPL (with permissive exceptions to make thing practical).

Currently a prototype emulator and assembler is complete for trying things out, the emulator being (hopefully) capable to produce the graphics and sound features of the system. Some example programs are also available. In this form the system might not exactly be of particular interest for you (although nifty things might already be possible), however as it develops, it hopefully becomes a nice platform to produce interactive pixel works as well, and, of course, games!

If interested, check it out at (and some other tld's).